01-00035 Universal front and rear wheel bearing set for passenger cars


This new set are developed for todays and coming generation of wheel bearings, front and rear. The job is made directly on the vehicle with a big time save as a result, ABS sensors and most of the suspension is left untouched. The set are also a base for several specific jobs and models, easy to build further on. All parts are developed and adapted for today’s wheel bearing and hub sizes. The mounting plates has a built in guiding function and, they are two sided with to fit perfect on 62 – 83 mm Ø wheel bearings. The bearing cup can fit wheel bearings up to 92 mm Ø. Hub dismounting is made with optional tools for the best function, 01-00037, or 1064.
Rec. Cylinder (NOT included!) 1090-02-WAL (22T) and 01-00030 (18T).