HSC2018-100 Hydraulic spring compressor


New version with three functions!
This unique spring compressor is designed to be a helpful and efficient tool when working with wheel suspensions. With unique adjustment possibilities and special jaws, it covers almost every front and rear spring on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It also covers difficult models like Mercedes C and E-class and newer BMW models. Spring with Ø 150-240 mm.

2. It allows the mechanic to compress the spring and remove the shock absorber unit from the wheel spindle/knuckle directly on the car. The same function can also be used to unload the lower control arm to its “driving” position when working with ball joints or sway bars. With pressure on the spring, the lower plate rubber can be replaced in just minutes.

3. The upper frame can be mounted upside-down and be used as a lifting jack when working with other jobs on the suspension system. Very useful on both front and rear axle jobs. A safe mobile unit that can be used anywhere in the shop.

The spring compressor comes with a safety strap for extra safe handling.

Used with hydraulic pump (700 bar) 1030 or 1036. (Sold separately)