Hydraulic pump and 32 ton cylinder

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Our tool system is built around a few basic tools that are interchangeable. But it needs something to power it. This is the perfect starter pack to use our tools.

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The hydraulic pump and 32-ton cylinder are a good way to start using our tools system. This combo is recommended for the Ram Promaster 1500-3500 toolsets that we have 02-00013 and 02-00014.  In our lineup, we have several cylinders spanning from 8 tons up to 45 tons as we speak. The cylinders are all powered by either the manual pump 1030 or the hydraulic pump 1036  in this bundle. With this hydraulic pump and the 32-ton cylinder which is our second biggest cylinder, you can tackle most jobs in the workshop. Our tools are developed for universal use that fits most vehicles. We have individual kits that are developed for certain models or makes of cars, trucks, or vans.

32 tons pressing and pulling hydraulic cylinder. Designed for everyday use in auto repair shops. Primarily for use with our wheel bearing tools for light commercial vehicles and trucks. It can be used with carriage beams M10-M22 with the proper adaptor. The cylinders hydraulic pressure can be combined with punching force when using a punching socket.
Weight: 8,3 kg. Stroke: 113 mm. Automatic return.

The pneumatically driven hydraulic pump has variable speed for better control. Max pressure 700 bar for use with all of our hydraulic cylinders. The pump is delivered with a pressure gauge next to the pedal and 2,2 m hose and drip-free quick coupling.
Oil tank volume 1,3 liters.

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