01-00033-200 Guide set, mounting Gen 2 wheel bearing



The guides in the set prevent the bearing from tipping in not straight during mounting.
Several bearing brands can be difficult to mount straight into the knuckle, regardless method, or tool.
This guide set are used in combination with universal mounting tool 01-00033. The set contains one
guide fixture, a storage foam and five different guides to fit the following bearing types:

1, 01-00033-201, Guide fixture
2, 01-00033-202, 26,3 mm guide for Volvo/Ford/ Ø78mm bearing
3, 01-00033-203, 27,2 mm guide for Peugeot/Citroen/Toyota/Opel Ø92mm bearing
4, 01-00033-204, 27,4 mm guide for VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda Ø72 – 78mm bearing
5, 01-00033-205, 29,5 mm guide for Volvo/Ford/Landrover Ø82mm bearing
6, 01-00033-206, 29,6 mm guide for VW Ø85mm bearing


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