01-00045 Hub/Bearing puller for 6 – 8 bolted hubs


A problem solving tool for dismounting of bolted wheel bearing/hub units that are rusted and seized in the axle knuckle. In most cases the axle shaft can remain in the hub when the bearing is pulled out. This saves lots of time and is in many cases a must (Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC and Ford Pick Up). Time consuming dismounting, heating and hammering can be totally avoided. The tool are bolted on with the wheel bolts/nuts on 6 – 8 bolted hubs and used together with the bearing puller 01-00046 directly on the car with no extra dismounting. The bearing is pulled out quick and easy with up to 22 ton.
Bolt diameter: 6 bolt 111,5 – 142,5 mm, 8 bolt 162,5 – 182,5 mm. The M22 carriage beams in the set connects the tool to any of the following cylinders: 01-00030 (18T) or 1090-02-wal (Sold separately)



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