01-00055 Dismantling tool, outer CV joint



A powerful and very efficient dismantling tool for the outer CV joint. This method prevents pulling, hammering, or risk of damaging the joint bearing. Other methods normally damage the bearing internally by pulling hard in the axle or the bearing casing. 01-00055 contains also a 5 kg sliding hammer
and a strong axle support with a chain tensioner. This makes it possible to dismantle the CV joint directly on the vehicle. The joint is secured in the puller to prevent accidents and from debris in the grease when falling to the floor. If set 01-00053 for the inner axle joint are in use, this set can be ordered
in different stages:

01-00055 Set with outer CV joint puller, sliding hammer and axle support.
01-00055-030 Puller for outer CV joint (to be used with sliding hammer).
01-00055-050 Axle support with chain and tensioner (axel can stay on the vehicle).
04-00022-029 Storage foam, Sold separately. Room for 01-00055 and 01-00053.

For a complete set with sliding hammer, puller for inner CV joint (from gearbox) and outer CV joint
from axle with axle support, the following items are recommended:
01-00055, 01-00053-100, 04-00022-029.


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