1090-55-C C-Press Clamp Tool


C-Clamp press tool that works with our cylinders to press ball joints and more.


Forged press clamp for quick ball joint jobs and more. Updated and improved version that replaces press clamp 1090-55-C, now with 40mm longer and 14mm deeper internal measure for increased usage. The special design and steel quality allows press forces of up to 18 Ton with no extra reinforcement. Easy to grip and handle, the opening in the back can be used as a handle.

The C- press clamp is used with the following sets for ball joint replacement: Mercedes 211, 1090-54-101090-54-11, and Ford Transit, 02-00009. Weight 6,5 kg.

Recommended cylinder 01-00030/03-00015. (Sold separately)


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