Essential Starter Toolkit

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This is a universal kit for your workshop that saves you time in the workshop. This basic kit is a great way to start and if you are interested in the bigger kits they can be found here. The kit does NOT include a pneumatic or manual power source. The pneumatic and manual power sources can be found here. For more information on this kit read the full description below.

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This essential starter toolkit makes it possible and very easy to replace front and rear wheel bearings and more on passenger cars, trucks, and SUVs directly on the vehicle in 15 – 30 minutes. Wheel bearings with separate hubs can be replaced on the car quickly and easily if you use this toolkit. Specially developed for pressing out rusted & glued axle shafts directly on the car. The holes for the wheel bolts are oval to fit on almost all passenger cars with 4 & 5 holed hubs. With this equipment, you avoid heating, splitting of the axle shaft, or damage to other parts. No more time-consuming struggles in the shop press.

The tool system is very easy to build out as you go. Start with the Essential starter toolkit or any other of our starter kits and add the manual power source 20-03001, the hydraulic power source 20-03002, or the pneumatic power source 20-03003 to do the really heavy work for you.

This universal basic starter toolkit does NOT include the power source which you need to use this kit. Make your choice of power source set: 20-0300120-03002, or 20-03003.

Do you need a specific kit for your workshop? Give us a call or send an e-mail and we will make a kit that fits your needs.





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