Exclusive start up sets!

Wheel bearing start set: 01-10000

The starter set makes it possible to replace front and rear wheel bearings on passenger cars directly on the vehicle in 15 – 30 minutes. Bolted bearings tend to get stuck by rust and corrosion due to tight fittings, this set includes the solution for this common problem.

Wheel bearing starter set extension 1: 01-00042, 1090-30

With only a few extra tools added to the start set even more time can be saved. Bolted bearings can be replaced without removing the CV joint from the hub. Stuck axle shaft and CV joints can be pressed out in minutes without heating or destroying the parts. Includes set; 01-00040, 01-00042, 1090-30

Wheel bearing starter set extension 2: 01.00018, 01-00033-020, 1090-25-11, 1090-25-12, 1090-25-13, 1090-25-14

Universal ad on set for 100% coverage of dismounting and mounting all compact wheel bearings, also called HBU 2.1. These bearings must be pressed in with a special tool to avoid damage inside the bearing, it’s all in this set. Includes set; 01-00018- 020, 01-00033-020,
1090-25-10, 1090-25- 11, 1090-25- 12, 1090-25- 13, 1090-25- 14

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