01-00052 Front suspension arm bushing set, Subaru


The suspension arm bushing on Subarus is replaced quickly, easily and directly on the car.

Contains these parts:
1. 01-00052-001
2. 01-00052-002
3. RES4016
4. RES4010
5. RES4021


The suspension arm bushing is replaced quickly, easily, and directly on the car. Most Subaru models are using this 60 mm bushing in the suspension arm. Legacy 2004 – 2014, Impreza 2008 – 2022, XV/Crosstrek 2012 – 2022, Forester 2008 – 2022, Levorg 2015 – 2022.
This set is designed to fit the different versions of the bushing and the suspension arms used on most Subaru models.
The set comes with an M14 pulling rod set 1090-32-14 (RES4010, RES4016 & RES4021).

Recommended cylinders:

01-00030 or 1090-02-WAL (Sold separately)


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