Bushings and Ball joint starter kit

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Starter kit for replacing bushings and ball joints.

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In this kit:

1090-69 Press block, open plate. Strong and flexible press block for replacing of ball joints, bushings and more.  Replace a ball-joint or bushing in 5-10 minutes.

1090-60-10 Set with two Support rods 275mm

01-00003 Universal press tool set 3 The set contains the press details from universal set 01-00001 and press lid set 01-00001-400. Further details about measures and sizes can be found in these set’s separate information. Delivered complete with a foam 01-00001-003 for easy use and storage, measure: 290×415mm. The set can be used in press the frame 1090-69 or with pulling rod M10, M12 and M14, or directly in the shop press.

1090-60-06 Adapter plate For mounting in press block 1090-69

1090-32-12 Carriage beam set M12

1090-32-14 Carriage beam set M14

The set does not come with a power source. We recommend the 18-ton cylinder and hydraulic pump combo 20-03003


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